Steps of Hope
Provide a significant "Gift" for a child who has shown extraordinary courage in the face of adversity, that is, a struggle with the disease that he or she has,  expressing a desire to move forward to overcome their illness or other limitations.

The "Gifts" may range from a treatment for disease identified, funding for education and learning (education, music or sports) to fulfill a wish if the diagnosis of the disease is terminal.
We will work with hospitals and other health care providers to identify children with an identified diagnosis and need our help.

Provide a day for families and children in order to give them smiles and entertainment, this will include:
  - Food, traditional music and games organized for children. - Special appearances: stars, characters for kids (Cartoons, Santa Claus).
- Books, clothing and other necessities will be distributed on the basis of donations and availability.
Unlike the events and gifts we will implement extraordinary activities in order to support children and their families . The board will consider these other activities depending on the availability of funds, risks and implementation capacity.
We are a foundation focused to help the children of Colombia, principally in the cities of Bogotá and Medellín . Our vision is to be a highly recognized foundation for our hard work and collaboration with institutions such as orphanages, hospitals and welfare agencies. All funds received are distributed. Special Gifts are 90% of our budget with the remaining 10% divided equally to Events and Extraordinary activities

Currently work is providing hope through 3 channels:

Every smile beautifies an entire community

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